Checklist - The Comprehensive Guide to Effective Property Management

When it comes to determining how you're going to manage your rental properties, be sure you have a clear picture of what is needed. The Comprehensive Property Management Checklist is the perfect resource for the task.


7 Common

In this paper, we share 7 of the most common and damaging mistakes made by owners of residential investment properties. Avoid these mistakes, and you’ll be one of the best.


Download the Rental Property Management Scorecard

Whether you’re managing the property yourself or using a professional third-party manager, The Rental Management Scorecard is a quick and simple tool to help you assess and improve your approach to managing investment properties. 



Checklist: Self-Management vs. Professional Property Management

There are several things you need to know to manage a property successfully. 

We lay them out in our compare-at-a-glance checklist, which also breaks down the different approaches to property management. Learn more about each and discover which is the right fit for you.



Free Market Rent Analysis Report

This free, no obligation market rent analysis report highlights:

  • Comparable properties
  • Key items that contribute to determining rent
  • Your recommended rate to maximize income and returns



A Guide to Fee-Based vs. Performance-Based Property Management

In this guide, we compare two approaches to professional property management.

In our comparison, we show you specifically where hidden fees and penalties lurk, and demonstrate how you can keep that cash where it belongs - in your pocket.


Webinar: Generating Greater Wealth Creation Through Rental Real Estate Investment

While single-family home rentals are a powerful tool for income and wealth creation, it does not come without varying risks. One of the biggest risks, that also gets very little attention, is the ongoing management of the property.

In this webinar, Haven Homes' head of asset management, Arjun Reddy, shares the risks you need to be aware of, how to best avoid them and the keys to achieving your objectives.


Webinar: Generating Greater Wealth Creation Through Rental Real Estate Investment

The property management world is full of industry-specific terms, and even seasoned investors might not be familiar with each and every one. To help, Haven Homes created this handy glossary of often-used terms to guide those involved in the rental property industry. 


Your Guide to Turning a Home

Why are unit turns so stressful? There are a couple of major reasons. First, a unit turn involves many separate steps, which naturally increases the number of places things can go wrong. Second, if you make a mistake during this process it can cost you a significant amount of money in the long run.